Complete Forex Course

Taking you from beginners to trading like a professional

Completing this course can boost your chances of entering a career in Financial markets and it may earn you additional income by trading in your spare time.


Course contents:

Technical Analysis –

Mastering the price action and characteristics of currencies

The art of reading and analysing of charting patterns to predict future trends

Extensive lessons on recognising and implementing Candlesticks patterns

Comprehensive lessons on how to trade over 20 world class proven technical indicators

Fundamental Analysis –

Learn how and what types of news that affect the movements of currencies

Detailed explanation of the Economic Calendar and how to benefit from it

The significant economic impacts such as the Central banks, interest rates, inflation, unemployment and GDP have on the forex market

How to anticipate, understand and use to your advantage the political impacts from significant leaders and influencers

How to navigate and still profit from social events such as COVID-19 pandemics and other disasters

Building Strategies –

Building profitable trading strategies to supplement your income

Learn how to combine technical and fundamental analysis to join the 5% of winning traders in the world

Money and Risk Management –

Money management – Learn how the pros manage their money. Applying strict money management techniques.

Risk management – Comprehensive study on trading psychology, mindset, controlling emotions and eliminating bad habits

Support –

Access to a leading Forex analysist to guide you through every step

Decode Forex Comprenhensive Course

Part 1 - Beginner/Intermediate LevelsCost - 390 AUD
Lesson 1) What is Forex? What is Forex?
How big is Forex?
Lesson 2) Who Trades Forex?

Who trades Forex?

Forex Market Structure

Lesson 3) Currency Pairs

What are currency pairs?

What are Majors?

What are Minors?

What are Exotics?

Lesson 4) Why Trade Forex?

Why trade Forex?

What are the advantages of Forex?

Forex vs Stocks

Lesson 5) Forex market Hours

24 Hour Forex market

4 Main Trading Sessions

Understanding the difference between trading session

Lesson 6) Forex Brokers

Forex brokers A -Z

Choosing the right broker

Lesson 7) Demo Account Vs Real Account

Demo Account Vs Real Account

What is a Demo account?

The Pros and Cons of a Demo Account

Transitioning from Demo to Real account

Lesson 8) Balance vs Equity

What is Balance?

What is Equity?

What is Realized and Unrealized Profit & Loss (P/L)?

What is Floating Profit and Loss P/L?

Lesson 9) Margin & Leverage

What is Margin?

What is Leverage?

What is Used Margin?

What is Free Margin?

Lesson 10) Margin Call

What is Forex Margin Level?

What is Margin Call Level?

What is a Margin Call?

What is a Stop-Out?

Lesson 11) Types of Forex Charts

What is a Forex Chart?

Different types of charts

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Candlestick Chart

Lesson 12) Ask & Bid

What are Ask & Bid Prices?

What are Pips and Points?

What is a Spread?

What is Slippage?

Lesson 13) Trade Sizing

What is a Lot?

Different types of lot including: Standard Lot, Mini Lot, Micro Lot, Nano Lot

How to calculate a trade size based on the risk appetite?

Lesson 14) Take Profit & Stop Loss

What is a Take Profit (TP)?

What is a Stop Loss (SL)?

Lesson 15) Market and Pending Orders

What is a Buy and Sell?

What is a Buy Stop and Sell Stop?

What is a Buy Limit and Sell Limit?

What is a trailing stop?

Lesson 16) What is a MT4 Platform?

Opening a Demo Account

How to install the MT4

Setting up your MT4

Lesson 17) Platform Overview

Market Watch





Lesson 18) Customising the MT4

Customising your Platform

Customising your Terminal

Customising your Charts

Charting Techniques

Applying Indicators

Applying EA’s

Quick Tips

Lesson 19) How to open a trade?

Opening a trade

Modifying a trade

Lesson 20) What is Forex Analysis?

What are the 3 types of Forex Analysis?

What is Technical Analysis?

What is Fundamental Analysis?

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Which type is the best for trading?

Lesson 21) Fundamental Analysis

What news impact the Forex Market?

Complete guide to the Economic Calendar

How to trade the news?

Lesson 22) Sentiment Analysis

What is Commitment of Traders Report (COT)?

Where can I find COT?

How do I trade Market Sentiment?

Lesson 23) Trend and Range Trading

How to trade the Trend?

How to trade the Range?

Lesson 24) Support and Resistance Levels

How to trade Support and Resistance Levels?

What are Support & Resistance zones?

Lesson 25) Channels, Breakouts, Fakeouts & Reversals

How to trade Channels?

How to trade Breakouts?

How to trade Fakeouts?

How to trade Reversals?

Lesson 26) Overbought & Oversold Levels

How to trade Overbought Levels?

How to trade Oversold Levels?

Lesson 27) Fractals

How to trade Fractals?

Lesson 28) Divergences & Convergences

What is a Divergences?

Types of Divergences

How to trade Divergences?

What is a Convergences?

Lesson 29) What are Candlesticks in Forex?

What are Candlesticks in Forex?

What is a Doji candlestick?

What is a Gravestone, Long-legged and Dragonfly Doji?

What are Spinning Tops Candlesticks?

What is the difference between Doji’s and Spinning Tops?

What are Marubozu candlesticks?

Lesson 30) Powerful Candlestick Patterns

How to trade the Shooting Star Candlestick?

How to trade the Hanging Man Candlestick?

How to trade the Hammer Candlestick?

How to trade the Inverted Hammer Candlestick?

How to trade the Engulfing Candlestick?

How to trade the Piercing Line Candlestick?

How to trade the Dark Cloud Candlestick?

How to trade the Evening Star Candlestick?

How to trade the Morning Star Candlestick?

How to trade the 3 Black Crows Candlestick?

How to trade the 3 White Soldiers Candlestick?

How to trade the 3 Inside Up Candlestick?

How to trade the 3 Inside Down Candlestick?

How to trade the Tweezer Tops Candlestick?

How to trade the Tweezer Bottoms Candlestick?

Lesson 31) Powerful Chart Patterns

How to trade Ascending Triangle patterns?

How to trade Descending Triangle patterns?

How to trade Symmetrical Triangle patterns?

How to trade Rectangle patterns?

How to trade Rising/Falling Wedge patterns?

How to trade Double Tops/Double Bottoms?

How to trade Head & Shoulders/Inverse Head & Shoulders?

How to trade Pennant and Flag patterns?

Lesson 32) Fibonacci

What is Fibonacci (Fibo)?

What are Fibonacci Retracements?

How to use Fibonacci to take-profit?

How to use Fibonacci to set stop-loss?

Lesson 33) Pivot Points

What are Pivot Points?

How to calculate Pivot Points?

How to trade Pivot Points?

Lesson 34) Technical Indicators

What are Indicators?

What are Lagging Indicators?

What are Leading Indicators?

Lesson 35) 4 types of Indicators

What are Trend Indicators?

What are Momentum Indicators (Oscillators)?

What are Volume Indicators?

What are Volatility Indicators?

Lesson 36) Moving Averages

What are moving Averages (MA)?

What is a Simple Moving Average (SMA)?

What is an Exponential Moving Average (EMA)?

Using Moving Averages to determine the trend

How to trade Moving Averages?

How to trade Moving Average Crossovers?

Lesson 37) Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

How to calculate Risk?

How to avoid common beginner mistakes?

Lesson 38) Mastering Trade Psychology

A – Z of Trade Psychology

Mastering your Emotions

Developing the mindset of a pro trader

Part 2 - Advanced LevelsCost - 590 AUD
Lesson 39) Channels

How to trade Envelopes?

How to trade Keltner Channels?

How to trade Donchian Channels?

Lesson 40) Parabolic SAR

What is the Parabolic SAR?

How to trade Parabolic SAR?

Lesson 41) Average Directional Movement Index (ADM)

What is the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)?

How to trade the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)?

Lesson 42) MACD

What is the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)?

How to trade Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)?

Lesson 43 Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

What is Ichimoku Kink Hyo?

How to trade Ichimoku Kinko Hyo?

Lesson 44) Stochastics

What is the Stochastic Oscillator?

How to trade the Stochastic Oscillator?

Lesson 45) Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)

What is the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)?

How to trade the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)?

Lesson 46) Commodity Channel Indicator (CCI)

What is the Commodity Channel Indicator (CCI)?

How to trade the Commodity Channel Indicator (CCI)?

Lesson 47 Average True Range (ATR)

What is the Average True Range (ATR) Indicator?

How to trade the Average True Range (ATR)?

Lesson 48) Bollinger Bands

What are the Bollinger Bands?

How to trade Bollinger Bands Bounce?

How to trade Bollinger Bands Squeeze?

Riding the Bollinger Bands trade?

Lesson 49) Chaikin Volatility Indicator

What is the Chaikin Volatility Indicator?

How to trade Chaikin Volatility Indicator?

Lesson 50) Money Flow Index (MFI)

What is the Money Flow Index (MFI)?

How to trade Money Flow Index (MFI)?

Lesson 51) Accumulation/Distribution

What is the Accumulation/Distribution Indicator?

How to trade Accumulation/Distribution?

Lesson 52) On Balance Volume (OBV)

What is the On Balance Volume Indicator (OBV)?

How to trade On Balance Volume (OBV)?

Lesson 53) Multiple Time Frames Analysis

What is Multiple time frame analysis?

How to combine multiple time frames for better decisions?

What are long-term time frames used for?

What are medium-term time frames used for?

What are short-term time frames used for?

What time frame is best for traders?

Lesson 54) Developing your own strategy

How to choose what style suits you

Creating your own strategy

Applying Strict Risk management to your trading

Keeping good records

Lesson 55) Currency Correlation

What is Currency Correlation?

What is Currency coefficient?

How to trade currency correlation?

Lesson 56) Trading Gold

How to trade Gold?

Lesson 57) Trading Oil

How to trade Oil?

What affects Oil prices?

Lesson 58) Trading Indices

How to trade Indices?

Lesson 59) Forex Trading Robots (EA’S)

What are trading robots/EA’s?

What are the advantages of Algorithmic trading?

Pitfalls of a trading robot.

Building trading robots without any coding experience.

How to download an EA to the MT4?

How to back-test an EA on MT4?

Tips with EA’s

Bonus indicator: Decode Resistex Indicator

Decodes ultimate multi-time frame Support and Resistance custom Indicator.

Free with purchase of Beginners to Intermediate course.

Total Cost with Discount: 790 AUD